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OrCam Read 3
Handheld Reading Device | Smart Magnifier | Stationary Reader


Change the Way You Interact With Text


With the OrCam Read 3 handheld device, you can easily read any printed or digital document aloud. The device also features the OrCam Smart Magnifier to help retrieve information and ask questions through natural conversation. With AI assistance, the text can be summarized, and any related questions about the text can be answered.

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All-in-One Solution

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Smart Magnifier

Turn your computer screen into OrCam's Smart Magnifier for reading books, handwritten documents, and images. Simply upload and capture any document to zoom in, read aloud, and explore various magnifier options, including contrast adjustments and more. Plus, the Smart Magnifier supports 140 languages.

  • Zoom in & out

  • Customise contrast

  • Translation

  • Read text aloud

  • Read Handwriting

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Stationary Reader

Simply place the device on the OrCam Read 3's stand, and it becomes a stationary reader without the need for a computer. Relax and listen as the device reads any printed or digital text aloud to you.

  • Vocal Commands

  • Hand gestures


People with low vision will be able to zoom in on photographs and diagrams whilst listening to surrounding text in magazines and textbooks.

Even people who have no vision will enjoy hands-free scanning of documents, and appreciate the powerful AI features, for example stepping through the instructions and ingredients in recipes.

People with dyslexia and learning disability will be able to follow a highlight moving through the captured text, whilst hearing the document read out loud. They will also be able to ask questions about the content, and summarize complex documents.

It is also possible to translate documents from one language to another, which may be a benefit for people whose first language is not English.



  • At home

  • At school

  • At work

  • Out and about



The OrCam Read 3 has only four high-contrast yellow buttons. To read a document is as simple as point and click. As an instant, anywhere reading aid, it couldn’t be simpler.

Whilst the advanced AI functions require some skill with an iPad or computer, once connected, the natural language voice queries are similar to asking Siri or Google.

We can offer in-home and virtual training to suit your needs. Please speak with your local consultant for more information. 


The OrCam Read 3 can be carried in a pocket or a handbag for offline reading outside the home – for example in shops, on trains, libraries and on holiday.

At home, the device can be popped into the fold-up Stand for reading novels, newspapers and everyday correspondence. The Stand is also a convenient charging point. If you want to grab it for the kitchen or the potting shed, just remove the OrCam Read 3 from the stand - it’s no bigger than a marker pen and the rechargeable battery lasts for over 3 hours.

At school and at work, the online features and magnifier functions really come to the fore – to view a powerpoint presentation, or scan coursebooks and files. It’s even possible to have handwriting on the board magnified and read out loud.

The OrCam Read 3 when connected to an iPad or a computer can magnify paperwork, photos and packaging, much like an electronic magnifier.

However, it is not well suited to filling in forms or crosswords, drawing or hobbywork, tasks better suited to our desktop electronic magnifiers like CloverBook and Clearview.

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