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OrCam MyCharger

Wearable OrCam Power Bank.

Extend your OrCam usage on the go from 1.5 hours to up to 6 hours!

Charge OrCam on the Go. Extend your OrCam usage up to 6 hours!
A portable battery pack that allows you to charge your OrCam device on the go. Recharge your OrCam up to four times from a single charge.

Ocam MyCharger connected to the Orcam read
OrCam MyCharger Unit and packaging

Product Information.

Dimensions       96 x 29.13 x 39 mm/3.78 x 1.14 x 1.53 in

Weight.               58 Grams/2 oz

# of OrCam         4 Charges


Charging Time.   2-4 Hours

Rated Input.         5VDC/1.2Amp

OrCam Bluetooth Earphones

Use Your OrCam Device Discreetly.

Use Your OrCam Device Discreetly. Allows for crystal clear, private listening to your OrCam device via 100% compatible Bluetooth connection.
Bluetooth earphones compatible with OrCam devices. Listen to your OrCam device privately, in public places, or at home.

product image of the OrCam Bluetooth Earphones
product image of the OrCam Bluetooth Earphones

Product Information.

Bluetooth Version.            Bluetooth V4.2

Reception Range.             More Than 10 Meters

Lithium Polymer Battery. 3.7v/100mAH


Charging Time.                 2-3 Hours

Battery Life                       5-6 Hours of Continuous Operation


Net Weight.                       16.5 g/0.58 oz

Length                               726.5 mm/28.6 in

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